P.rofessional J.eweller

So that big project I was telling you all about happened last week, it was for Professional Jeweller's September issue and it was a pretty amazing shoot. 

We had six very different looks to get through, each with incredible jewellery to show off. The day went amazingly well, helped to no end by the magazine's editors Sarah Jordan and Kathryn Bishop who knew exactly what pieces to place with others and the amazing Hair and Make up artist Nuriye Sonmez who created some amazing looks.

Here's some sneak peeks from the shoot; when the issue is released I'll be posting the final images up here for you all but until then it's all hush hush. 

                                                   P   rofessional Jeweller                   Nuriye Sonmez

                                                  Professional Jeweller               Nuriye Sonmez

                                              P  rofessional Jeweller                 Nuriye Sonmez

                                             Professional Jeweller               Nuriye Sonmez

This will be my first time in print (as a photographer not a model, though I actually modelled the men's pieces for the shoot as well) and I can't wait to see my work in their issue. I love working in the studio and am always up for doing fashion and studio work, if you've got a project or an idea you'd like me to get involved with then get in touch.

Go over to Professional Jeweller to see the great things that they do (and keep an eye out for the issue) and definitely check out Nuriye Sonmez to see her amazing work.

I'll keep you posted as to when the issue is released but until then, have a great week.